You can get involved in our efforts to help the environment! Here's how:


-Recycle bottles, cans, paper, boxes, plastic containers in the centers around the city of Chicago

-You can also avoid plastic waste altogether by using a reusable water bottle

-To find your closest center, visit our resources tab (on menu bar)

-You want to get your school to start recycling? Email us for ideas and help! (Box on the left)

Switch off and Unplug

-Unplug chargers when not in use to save energy

-Switch off any power strips with on/off buttons to save energy

-Turn off lights when they're not being used

Reusing and up-cycling are great and simple ways to go green! For questions or to send us your own creative up-cycled objects, email us!

Reuse and Up-Cycle

-Reuse bread bags as lunch bags, reuse grocery bags at the store or bring your own cloth ones

-Reuse water bottles as planters to start seeds

-Up-cycle shirts into shoulder bag

-SAVE PAPER!-reuse paper as  grocery lists or notepads, print double sided (or avoid printing at all)

Know Where your Food Comes From

-Plant your own garden (email us for tips)

-Buy locally and organically from farmers markets (for market locations, visit our resources tab on the menu bar above)


Eco club needs your help! We will take your old clothes, shoes, recycling, lumber (as you can see, we're always building), money, ANYTHING! and we'll put it to good use! We're always expanding and your donations help us do so.

To donate please contact us via email, see box at top of this page

Donate to the Eco Club


-Recycling (that isn't otherwise being recycled)